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Smart tricks to save money on flights

Whether you are booking a flight for a family holiday or a business trip is on cards, one thing you always worry about is airfare. Over the years, most of the airline companies have raised the ticket prices. But if you know some of these tricks, you might save a good deal of money. Why spend on the en route, when you can utilise the same funds on your trip instead? Read on and find a cheaper deal on your flight bookings.

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Book online:  The first step to cutting out cost on your trip is to eliminate the middleman. If you get your bookings done through an agent, he is sure to charge his commission. To save yourself from paying extra commission, book flights online. Booking air tickets will allow you to avail a much better deal.

Sign up for alerts: Many travel portals allow you to sign up for alerts so you get a notification when there is fluctuation in the prices of air tickets. You can also set dates to find the cheapest deal possible. Moreover, if you interested in booking with a particular airline, keep a track of prices by regularly visiting their website.

Book well in advance: The more the delay, the expensive will your air tickets. It is advised to book flights at least 2 months before the departure date to avail a good deal.

Travel off-season: According to experts, airfares are generally low during off season. However, an off season can be any season depending on your destination. For example, if you are heading to India, you might consider going in the month of august and September. You will enjoy fewer crowds as well as find a good deal on flights to New Delhi, Mumbai and all major cities of India.

Cut out on baggage fees: Weigh your baggage before you leave home, this way you will avoid paying extra charges for the excess of baggage. You will find baggage allowance details on the website of the airline you are booking with.