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OnePlus 6: All that we know so far

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One Plus 6

Wherever you look for the latest technology news these days, you only get a barrage of speculations and rumours surrounding the release of the next OnePlus smartphone. Trying to discern what the Chinese company does next is an exercise in futility.

Releases so far

The company has been surprising their customers since the release of their first OnePlus, smartphone that left quite an impression on buyers and competitors alike. Here was a phone that could easily topple industry giants at half the cost. Immediately followed by it was the smaller, cheaper OnePlus X, and the flagship OnePlus 2.

A year later, we were presented with OnePlus 3, followed by a much more powerful OnePlus 3T. The reviews were good but the company topped all the success with an even better model, OnePlus 5. And the response received so far for the phone has been phenomenal. The company has leveraged this attention to great lengths, teasing customers with new product colours and design collaborations. A few months after the launch, it released a new gold finish for the OnePlus5, and later collaborated with French designer, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, to introduce an exclusive, limited run OnePlus5. The usual model got the quirkiest design ever, and we got plenty of rumours for OnePlus 6.

The next in line flagship: OnePlus 5T or OnePlus 6?

After the OnePlus 5 mysteriously started going out of stock on the OnePlus website, the internet was rife with gossip about the next product in line, namely OnePlus 6. Some said the company will skip the 5T model and jump right next to 6. However, if their last release dates are any proof, there is a good chance there will be no new launches in 2017. This year is already on its last turn. In the past OnePlus 5 and 3 were both released in June of their respective year. So it is likely that we might see either another update or a new launch around June 2018. Leaked specs and images have been circling the news circuit everywhere. In the end, whatever name the company decides to give, we can be sure that it will be a game changer.