Coronary Bypass Grafting: Here’s everything you need to know

Image result for Coronary Bypass Grafting: Here’s everything you need to knowPopularly known as bypass or heart bypass surgery, coronary bypass grafting surgery is performed to ease the person from the symptoms of blocked coronary artery and in order to restore the effective blood supply to the heart. In this procedure, a vessel from the other part of the body is harvested and grafted over the blocked coronary artery. Thereby, this creates a bypass route of blood through occluded coronary artery, and thus, restores the blood supply to the heart. CABG is the shortened name for coronary artery bypass grafting.

  • Who needs the CABG surgery?Coronary artery bypass grafting is used to treat the people suffering from the following heart diseases:
  • Coronary Artery Disease: This includes two coronary artery diseases: Atherosclerosis, which is characterized by the formation of yellowish plagues of cholesterol inside the lumen of the artery and Arteriosclerosis, the hardening, thickening and loss of elasticity of the walls of arteries.
  • Ventricular dysfunction: Coronary bypass grafting is also done in patients who have developed muscular weakening of the left ventricle, which causes a decrease in the ejection fraction of heart.
  • Heart Attack: Some times, CABG surgery is performed as an emergency procedure in the patients with sudden fatal cardiac arrest (heart attack).
  • Restenosis of coronary artery: CABG is the only treatment in patients with the signs of restenosis of the coronary artery.
  • What are the procedures for a coronary artery bypass surgery?

The most common procedures used for coronary artery bypass surgery are:

  • Conventional CABG: This is basically an open heart surgery done under general anesthesia. During this surgery, the surgeon makes 6-8 inches of incision on sternum in order to reach patient’s heart and thereafter, the heart is stopped and the patient is put on the heart-lung bypass machine. The surgeon then grafts an apt vessel over the occluded coronary artery.
  • Off-pump CABG: This surgery is performed in a similar way as that of conventional bypass surgery. The patient is not put directly on bypass machine, rather drugs are given that usually slow down the heartbeat and graft is implanted on functioning heart.
  • Minimally invasive heart surgery: This is the most advanced CABG. The chest is not opened, rather a 3-inch incision is made through which the interior of the chest is visualized on the monitor and grafting is performed.

Besides, CABG in India is quite affordable as compared to the other developing nations. There are several renowned hospitals, such as Apollo Hospitals that are considered as one of the best heart hospitals in India in terms of CABG surgery.


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