Month: July 2017

Four Myths On Bariatric Surgery Busted!

You will agree with me when I say Indians are a bit on the heavier side. Thanks to our diversity and love for food, we grew up surrounded with dishes rich in calories.

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According to a report in The Quint, every one out of five adults in India is overweight. While people know the dangers of obesity, they aren’t able to give up on their sweets and calorie-rich foods. They work out and then eat unhealthy and junk food. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Unable to keep a control on their tongues and not having enough will power to hit the gym daily; people choose the best alternative—bariatric surgery. The urban metros of Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi have some of the best bariatric surgery hospitals in India.

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However, bariatric surgery has got a bad rap, thanks to uninformed reportage and by people who are apprehensive about this procedure. Today, we clear the air and myths about bariatric surgery, Read on.

  1. Bariatric surgery is a high-risk procedure

No, bariatric surgery carries the same risk as other routine procedures. The procedure is given the go ahead after extensive assessments and minimally invasive techniques such as laparoscopy are used.

  1. Bariatric surgery and liposuction are the same.

A myth. Bariatric surgery’s aim is to produce hormonal changes in the body that reduce the appetite. A liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat from different parts of the body using a tube and suction device.

  1. Bariatric surgery is successful only because people can’t eat normally after a surgical procedure.

Incorrect, a bariatric surgery reduces your appetite. Patients can go back to their regular diet after the surgery. You can easily go back to your ‘daal chawal’ and ‘roti sabzi’ but at decreased quantities, that’s all.

  1. Bariatric surgery offers no benefits as compared to benefits of natural weight loss

Untrue. Apart from initiating a weight loss of 60% or more, bariatric surgery offers others benefits such as:

  • Helps people with Type 2 diabetes as post-procedure, they are in remission.
  • Improves cardiovascular health.
  • Reduces joint pain prevalent in obese people.

Bariatric surgery is a medically proven way for people to lose weight and is a regular procedure amongst most countries in the world. We hope these four points helped you learn the reality of this procedure and not believe the myths.


Watch your family favourites online

Remember the days when you used to sit as a family together and solve crimes along with ACP Pradhyuman. Or when you would laugh till your tummy hurt at the antiques of Jethalal and Daya. These were not just shows but occasions for the whole family to gather around the TV and collectively get entertained. This brings back fond memories. Today, everyone is so busy in their own lives. Parents busy with their gruelling jobs, kids busy with their school work. No one has the time anymore to sit and watch a half an hour to one hour episode.

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Are one of these people who miss watching Pradhyuman’s face twitch everything he thinks ‘dal mein kuch kala hai’ or Daya Gada’s random outbreaks of ‘garba’, but just do not have the time. You do not need to fret anymore. You can now watch all your favourite Hindi serials online on Sony Liv. Since our favourite shows ‘CID’ and ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’ would air on Sony channels, you can now watch them anytime anywhere, from Sony Liv, the online TV viewing portal.

Crime Investigation Bureau or popularly known as CID is a crime thriller series aired its first episode on the 21st of January 1998. Since then, the show has produced more than 1400 episodes to this day. The show has created some legendary and memorable characters, the foremost being ACP Pradhuman, followed by his colleagues Abhijeet and Daya. The show resonated with so many Indians and is yet till this day one such show that you could binge watch. The show revolves around the crime department that hunts down culprits. It is one of the foremost crime detective shows on Indian Television.

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Another popular show among family audiences is Taarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma. The intent of the show is to portray the common man and his daily problems. Although the show could be characterised as a family comedy, a lot of its episodes surround socially relevant issues. It released on the 28th of April, and in the span of 9 years has become a family favourite. The show completed 1800 episodes in 2015. The show promotes unity and love amongst your families and your neighbours. A little trivia for the show’s fans- Eternal Bachelor Popat Lal is actually married in real life and has two children.

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These unforgettable shows are not going anywhere. If you do not have the time to catch your favourite Hindi series on TV, then you can watch them online. This way you can keep yourself entertained during your daily commute and discuss the episode with your family when you’re home.

One such family favourite that you can watch soon on Sony Liv in the month of August is Kaun Banega Crorepati. So get ready to challenge those grey cells next month!

3 best apps for stock market updates

Whether you are a fresh investor new on the market, or an experienced player well acquainted with the market trends, you need to keep abreast with the constantly shifting share market. It is a complex and volatile space that is never stagnant. There is an endless need to update oneself with stock market news to successfully invest and realize returns. Thankfully, there are a number of extremely helpful apps online that give you stock market live updates and help you trade efficiently on the go.

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We have made a list of the best 3 apps that you should use:

  1. Moneycontrol Markets on Mobile: This is the most inclusive and useful app that is basically a solution for all your informational needs. It provides latest news and updates about your preferred stocks and Indices, tracks your investment portfolio, and even gives you financial advice from other investors on the forum. It is easily available and works across all platforms and devices.
  2. The Stock Watch: This app is what you need if you want to keep a close watch on your favourite stocks. It gives you real-time quotes on Indian stocks, provides intra-day charts from BSE/NSE, gives latest updates about financial news, NSE futures, equities and so on. It is also the highest rated app for android users to follow the economy.
  3. Investar: Through this app, you can view NSE stock charts and make informed decisions about which stocks to buy/sell. There are various technical indicators available for users, along with real-time quotes. You can add your favourite stocks to your watchlist that keep updating its stock charts every 5 minutes. The free app provides a limited number of watchlists, but you can get unlimited access if you make in-app purchases. With their new feature of The Watchlist Synchronization, you can back up your previous watchlists and sync the app to a desktop software of the same app. Investors work on all platforms and devices.