Month: August 2016

Importance of Share Market Research

In life, there are certain times, when we need to do a lot of thinking before we could arrive at a decision. In today’s world, with so much negativity around us, and people trying to make profits out of us even as we speak, it becomes imperative to double check, especially at the time of making any financial commitments. As our hard earned money needs to be taken care of in a sensible manner, it is important to make smart financial investments. While making investments, a lot of people get cold feet.

technicle research

Making investments is quite different from investing your money into buying property, vehicles, etc. As when you buy a product, you basically pay in order to get a commodity in your hand, depending on the quality of the deal you have made, you may end up with a good product or a faulty one. In order to make it a smart move, you can return a faulty product, and replace it with a good one. Investments on the other hand do not usually give you something in return for the amount you have paid, other than the promise of getting something usually better than what you have paid for now. The quality of the investment made can only be determined after a certain period of time.

In order to enable yourself to be able to take smart decisions in life, it becomes essential to do your home work before making an investment. Especially when it comes to share markets, one must conduct a thorough share market research before taking a dive. Doing proper analysis of the market behavior, technical research of the company, etc. are extremely important steps in order to improve your chances of achieving success. Websites such as Share, etc. are always there to allow you to take their assistance in order to arrive at an acceptable decision. As it is always helpful to get a second opinion for what you have thought, and the opinion becomes all the more important when coming from an industry expert, there is tremendous scope in this field.


Smart tricks to save money on flights

Whether you are booking a flight for a family holiday or a business trip is on cards, one thing you always worry about is airfare. Over the years, most of the airline companies have raised the ticket prices. But if you know some of these tricks, you might save a good deal of money. Why spend on the en route, when you can utilise the same funds on your trip instead? Read on and find a cheaper deal on your flight bookings.

save money on flights.jpg

Book online:  The first step to cutting out cost on your trip is to eliminate the middleman. If you get your bookings done through an agent, he is sure to charge his commission. To save yourself from paying extra commission, book flights online. Booking air tickets will allow you to avail a much better deal.

Sign up for alerts: Many travel portals allow you to sign up for alerts so you get a notification when there is fluctuation in the prices of air tickets. You can also set dates to find the cheapest deal possible. Moreover, if you interested in booking with a particular airline, keep a track of prices by regularly visiting their website.

Book well in advance: The more the delay, the expensive will your air tickets. It is advised to book flights at least 2 months before the departure date to avail a good deal.

Travel off-season: According to experts, airfares are generally low during off season. However, an off season can be any season depending on your destination. For example, if you are heading to India, you might consider going in the month of august and September. You will enjoy fewer crowds as well as find a good deal on flights to New Delhi, Mumbai and all major cities of India.

Cut out on baggage fees: Weigh your baggage before you leave home, this way you will avoid paying extra charges for the excess of baggage. You will find baggage allowance details on the website of the airline you are booking with.

Reasons you should consider buying a long term two wheeler insurance

If you are someone who thinks renewing two-wheeler insurance policy every year is a real distress and you keep forgetting it every time then this post will be of great help to you.

Some of the major insurance providers such as ICICI Lombard and New India assurance have recently launched long term two wheeler insurance that provides motor cycle insurance for at least three years against the usual cover of one year. The step of allowing insurance providers to provide long term wheeler insurance was taken to encourage vehicle owners to buy the protection cover.

Two-Wheeler insurance

Statists show that as there is constant increase in the number of two wheelers on the road, as well as simultaneous decrease in number of people buying two wheeler insurance. Introduction of long term two wheeler insurance is expected to reduce the difference between the two factors.

Let us read a few of advantages of long term two wheeler insurance

Convenient: long term insurance policy will save you from the trouble of renewing the policy every year. It often gets difficult keep a track of dates to renew the insurance policy. Also if you remember the date, it is quite possible that you are unable to renew it for other reason. To eliminate the hassle, it is advised to opt for a long term policy as it is easier for vehicle owners to stay protected without worrying about the renewals every year.

Stability of premium rates: Insurance Company usually hikes the premium rate every year, which is not in the case of long term policy. Once you avail a long term policy, premium rates will be frozen for whole tenure of the policy i.e three years.

Avoids non –renewal risks: If you forget to renew your policy annually, you will have to face several consequences such as penalties by law, financial damages in case of accidents etc. all this can easily be avoided if you are secured with a long term policy for two-three years.

Nowadays, it is easier to buy a long term two wheeler insurance online. The procedure online is much simpler and convenient.